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What Are Cookies

Like all other commercial sites, Tara Cloth uses cookies. Cookies are very small files downloaded on your computer that help in the browsing experience. We use cookies to aid you in your shopping experience. You will also learn here how to delete cookies. For further information on cookies, visit some articles on the net. We also advise you to go through the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies

How we use Cookies?

Cookies help in the personalization of services and tracking for a better experience. Therefore, we advise our site visitors to let the cookies remain and not delete so that next time when they come, they have better browsing experience.

Deleting Cookies

Cookies settings can be changed once browser settings are changed. But as said earlier, disabling them affects the functionality of the sites that you visit. If you wish to delete cookies from our site, it is likely that you may have downgraded experience. Therefore, it is advisable to let them remain in browsing history.

The Cookies We Use

Tara Cloth uses cookies to send you newsletter and subscriptions. Cookies aid us in offering e-commerce or payment facilities. There are a few cookies that are enabling us to remember your order. To aid you in better experience on this site, we provide the functionality to set your preference for how this site runs when you visit it. Similarly, we set cookies so that this information can be remembered whenever you interact with our pages. Third-Party Cookies We also use third-party for certain functionalities on our site. For instance, we use Google Analytics to understand visitors’ shopping behaviour. With it, we learn aspects like time spent on a page, total browsing time, etc. All this enables us to understand and serve you better. It also helps us economizing the advertising cost.


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