Hayley Richardson

Hayley Richardson

Since the inception of Tara Cloth, Hayley has been associated with us. She is a young, dynamic and an effervescent girl who has a strong passion for fashion and modelling.

Her energy fuels the fire in everyone around her when she is in her modelling avatar during the shoots.

She gets into the groove of the designs and the mood of the outfit and brings out the best from the designer’s imagination. She is a photographer’s delight. She is friendly and amazing to be with. These qualities of Hayley has strengthened our association which will only grow by leaps and bound over the years.

Hayley is one of our first choices as a model when it comes showcasing our outfits in various events across the globe. She rocked the NYC event where we got an overwhelming response Hayley is a confident helpful soul who has also helped us to coordinate with other models and photographers and makes working with her enjoyable. She has more than 4500 followers on IG where she influences people through her account @Hayleyyrichardson.

A thorough professional, she works hard and lives her passion. QUEENING every outfit she wears, comes naturally to her. Her style and attitude slays every outfit that touches her skin. She rules the shoots and events and has every eye turned to her when she is in action. We look forward to continuing with her and wish her all the best in her career aspirations.


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