Katie Novac

Katie Novac

Meet Katie Novac, a one of a kind portrait photographer a.k.a. portraiture, for ten years and continuing. It was her childhood passion which was nurtured by her father and has excelled by her drive and creativity. She began learning film and digital manipulation in school and decided her career path then. She has developed her own style of capturing the essence of the subject’s soul. She defines the usage of lights, backdrops, and poses. In short, she rules her world like a queen when in action.

She is the co-founder of Badluck Promotions which hosts monthly networking events and provides unique opportunities for aspiring artists ranging from photographers, models, and videographers in the greater-Detroit area and more recently, nationwide.

Intrigued by her work, we first met Katie through a Bad Luck Collab through a mutual contact. We saw her work and knew that she is here to make a merk of her own. Independent, feisty and thorough is what defines katie. We fell in love with her creation.

At Tara Cloth we decided that we need to collaborate with her for our upcoming events. She understands the mood and is fluidic with her clicks. She gives us a variety to choose from.

Katie was one of the prime photographers during our event in NYC. It was a four day tour with her and every day she surprised us more with her creativity and killer shots. She gave us all the reasons to keep her with us for further work.

We have happily continued our association with Katie and she continues to awe us with her work that showcase our active wear in their right spirit

She commands the camera and the lenses obey their queen. br Enjoy some of her awesome shots from our events and shoots.


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