Sydney Jeney

Sydney Jeney

Sydney Jeney is one of our early affiliates to the team. Sydney has been with Tara Cloth pretty much since the it’s birth. She is a multi-talented, multi-faceted young lady who enjoys her work round the clock. Her never ending energy is a big motivation for the entire team. Enthusiasm and a fire to do something worthwhile flows in her veins like the blood in ours.

Apart from being a graphic designer, art director and project manager, she lives her creative life at night. Her fitness regime can motivate many youngsters to relook at their lifestyle. Do not judge her by the soft looks. There is fiery lady behind the lovely face and toned body. She has played football with the rugged boys in the boys team. She did enjoy softball equally. Her focus is on health and fitness and sports is a large part of her life. She rules where she goes.

She feels happy to be associated with Tara Cloth as an affiliate. To start with, we collaborated with Sydney for a morning photo shoot at Royal Oak, and there was no stopping after that. The camera loves her killer attitude and she queens the outfits outright.

We have continued to work with her and have accomplished many successful photo shoots. Sydney was one the models who travelled to NYC with our team where she made heads turn.

During the trip we were exposed to another facet of the Diva. She is not only an excellent model, but also an excellent event coordinator. She is a natural with people and gets work done with a snap of a finger.

Our business association has continued to grow progressively. She claims to love our products and company.


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